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iLipo Laser Treatment – week 1-3 results and experiences – does it work?

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Update at base of article with an update after all my sessions – So, there was one Groupon My City Deal I didnt actually post up about at the time. I ordered 3 sessions of iLipo laser lipo for around £100 instead of over £350. I was a bit embarrassed to say, what with all my pro exercise and get fit posts. But I saw a deal to try something out very cheaply so I bought it as it is useful for things exercise will rarely effect. I had the first session this week and I wanted to share the results so far. I explain what Lase iLipo is and why I think it is a good alternative to full on surgery at the bottom of the post in case you are researching what it is!

UPDATE: Groupon have another deal on – 3 sessions for £119 or 6 sessions for £199 – saving around 78%!

So about my experiences and why I opted for laser i lipo…I am getting fitter with all the playing on my Wii and my friend’s Kinect dance games – however there are always stubborn areas which just won’t seem to go and I feel that if I exercised and dieted to the degree where they did go – there would be none of me left and I would be on a silly small amoutn of calories. And this is something laser lipo is great for. It can be used to help reduce the fat in targetted areas such as tummy, sadlebags, underneith of arms, under chin, hips and so on and I knew I just wanted to see if I could reduce the excess weight that just wont shufty from my stomach like a little bread belly.

This is not me! Its someone after 6-8 treatments

I arrived at the clinic which was nice and friendly and had to fill in a very basic health questionnaire to check I was ok for treatment. It was just a few pages since the treatment is a gentle laser and most people can use it. I was weighed and measured at 3 points on my stomach (as this was the area I was treating) after stripping to my leggings and crop top (I came prepared clothes wise). She covered my tattoos with plasters so the laser didnt directly touch tattooed skin as for some people lasers easily remove some of the tattoo ink otherwise. I was told it was unlikely but better safe than sorry. I lay down on a bed and the lady placed 8 white iLipo units around my stomach and held them on with a velcro belt. I must say, the next generation of these are likely to have multiple options as the flat rectangles were a little awkward on my round self – however they did stay with a little persuading. She turned on the machine and I was left to read a magazine and listen to music for ten minutes. Then she returned and adjusted the positions of the units so they were covering slightly different areas for full coverage and then the same again. The units beeped gently so I knew they were working and the whole thing was pretty simple. The lasers glowed a reassuring red glow at me and my skin got warm. It wasn’t hot, but rather more like a not too hot water bottle feeling. It was actually pretty nice. I did get an itch on one side of my tummy which was really annoying, but I think that was just coincidence. Just dont think about itching skin and you will probably be fine lol.

After my second 10 minutes of reading she came back and took the iLipo laser units off me and we pulled off the plasters (not fun, but I knew it had to happen!). She then measured me again at the same 3 points. She has marked them with pen so I knew it was the same points. It was then worked out how many cm I had lost. Now I must say here – everywhere says ‘up to 5cm lost per session’ and so on and this is true, but it is overall cm – so the loss from all 3 measurments added up… so I lost 1cm from one measurement and 1cm from another and none on the third one – so lost 2cm overall. Do think about that one carefully as I think the marketing is confusing here and exaggerates the inch loss. Also – the bigger you are – the more you loose per session I think as the laser covers more area and depth. I just have a little excess so I loose a bit each time – I guess it is like you loose a % so smaller people loose less each time as they just have less to loose.

Anyway… so I did loose some cm and was happy for a first go – considering they recommend 8 treatments and I just have a little to loose I think loosing 2cm a go over 3 goes would be perfect for me anyway.

Now after the treatment the fat is kind of free in your system. I am unsure exactly how this really works but you need to exercise for 30 mins to up to an hour right after to burn up the fat you just pulled out of the fat cells. I was shown to a small but perfectly nice little private gym and I spent an hour on a cross trainer, rowing machine and cycling and worked pretty ahrd as I figured A) Free gym usage with nobody to see me and B) Surely working harder will make it work better and if not it is still a good idea anyway so why not. I then used their shower, got dressed and went home.

Overall – it was a good experience. I must say that after eating dinner that night and breakfast today I cannot really see any difference to the eye but the tape measure does say I am smaller so it must have done something. Again – it is only my first treatment of 3 so I will see how I feel after 3 and whether or not it really works, she did say it shows more dramatic results for slightly larger people. It has had the good effect of mentally making me feel more like I should keep to my diet and exercise though as the fat they removed can come back otherwise. This is a way to help reduce it and it is up to me to keep it off! Which is a good way to think.

I bought my iLipo laser Lipo from Groupon which saved me 2/3 on the cost. I recommend you sign up and keep an eye out for laser lipo offers to try this new technique out and save a lot of money.

A quick roundup of information on what iLipo laser fat reduction is:

From the manufacturers: “The i-lipo emits low levels of laser energy, the fat cell membranes are disrupted releasing intra-cellular fat. This causes the cell to lose its round shape by changing the permeability of the cell membrane. This does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. ”

“Triglycerides spill out from the broken cell membranes and are released into the interstitial space, where they are slowly transported through the body’s natural metabolic functions, with no adverse physiological effects and are used by the body as an energy source. Light exercise post treatment can accelerate the breakdown and removal of fat from the area.”

“ILipo can target fat reduction in specific problem area. By positioning the laser pads on the target area such as chin, upper arms, abdomen or thighs fat can be broken down and removed specifically from that area. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat but not shape individual areas.”

It opens up the ‘pores’ in the fat cells and lets out the fat which you can then burn off more easily, it does NOT remove the fat cells as Liposuction or Liposculture does so it needs no anaesthetic, aftercare or special medical stuff. It releases the fat but as it leaves the fat cells there you have to maintain a good diet to stop the fat coming back – not only good motivation and a good idea but also – If you Liposuction out the fat cells then overeat OTHER fat cells multiply/expand and you hold weight in new areas. This kind of treatment means your body hasnt been altered and you will continue to operate as you are – it just breaks down pockets of fat, gives your diet a head start or gets rid of the last little bits and keep you in control as well as offering motivation. It is safe and it can be done as many times as you need – no scars and a lot cheaper as well. I saved even more using a Groupon voucher which made my 3 sessions cost the same as 1 normally would.

View before and after pictures here:

UPDATE: Groupon have another deal on – 3 sessions for £119 or 6 sessions for £199 – saving around 78%!


So I had a few sessions of iLipo on my groupon. Overall my experience has been good. The company I had treatment with had a very nice building and a very good private gym I could use after each treatment, as I had mine in the middle of the day I was mainly the only one in the gym. They also didnt really time my gym usage so I stayed longer on the third session (hey I paid to use that gym lol) so I did about twice as much exercise as required in a private gym on my own, which was pretty nice anyway.

The main thing I noticed was that as I had a different lady treating me each time, the laser units were put on in different numbers and in slightly different ways each time. For the first appointment I had 2 or 3 more of the units on me than the second one, and that made a difference to how much of me they covered and therefore how well the treatment worked. I would say if you go ahead with this, on the first session make sure you feel they have put as many units on as they can with no gaps, then remember that configuration and politely insist on it for the further treatments. That way you will get the maximum benefits. I was too polite and well ‘British’ to mention it, which was my fault and the second session was a lower reduction than the first. Although the measurements were also in slightly difference places anyway, so I think it’s more about how you feel and look than just the numbers anyway!

The third treatment I had more of the iLipo pads (or whatever the boxes are called) applied and this seemed to work as well as the first time. Its definately a case of more is more with these, the more lasers applied the wider area is covered.

On all three occations they moved the lasers slightly half way through to ensure the gaps were also treated (the lasers are in a grid pattern) which I thought was a good idea to get an even result.

The experience was very pleasant, warm and not particularly uncomfortable as they had nice angled beds to lie on a read a magazine.

After 3 sessions of iLipo and the exercise with it I did have a reduction, it wasn’t massive BUT they do recommend 6 to 8 sessions rather than just 3 and also, I am not that big, so I think each session would have more effect if I had slightly more fat as a percentage reduction would be more noticable.

How much it worked and how long it lasts is really personal opinion, however the science behind it does make a lot of sense, it is very non-invasive and it does give you a big incentive not to go out and eat pizza as it will undo all the hard work you just paid for and gym work you just did.
I see this as a great kick start and motivator to a longer term goal. You can target a particular area which the gym cannot do (spot fat reduction through exercise is impossible, bodies dont work that way) but equally this can only reduce fat, it cant tone you up… if you have excess fat on your thighs, tummy, arms or bottom then this can certainly help you cut it down without surgery, then you need to keep it that way adjust your diet and throw in a little strength training to sculpt and firm up the new you.

I would certainly say try this on a groupon, ideally buy 2 or 3 groupons from 3 different places, thats 9 treatments 😉 of course this only works once for each spa but hey, thats one hell of a kick start and a massive cost saving too lol

Good luck and let me know your results in the comments. I had a good resutl from my 3 sessions but I can see why they say you need 6. If you have had 6 or more let me know how it went and if you found the results matched the before and after pictures here – did it act as a good will power strengthener to stop you hitting the biscuit tin? Was that as much value as the actual fat reduction long term? Inquiring minds want to know… I may even go back for a few more 🙂


57 Responses to "iLipo Laser Treatment – week 1-3 results and experiences – does it work?"

I am interest in getting laser Lip on stomach. just need the contact information in the Wash, dc Maryland area.

Sorry, I am in the UK! I am sure this started out in the US first though, hope you found somewhere.

Hi Pamela, I live in the U.S. I found a deal on for the ILipo. I haven’t done my treatments yet but I hope this helps you. The cost using the Iivingsocial deal is $189 for 4 treatments. Best of Luck

I have just received a groupon for this in my area – it’s nice to find some information on it that isn’t from a company directly involved with it. Thank you! Did you do a followup entry for once you had done all the sessions?

I added a followup note to this one, sorry for delay!

Have you gone back for your other two treatments? Thanks for posting your experience! It’s really helpful 🙂

Added an update – I had the other two. I think they do work. I just think you need more than 3… each takes a little bit off and helps encourage you to keep up the exercise as the fat can come back! Great as a kick start to change your lifestyle and get spot reduction when that is not normally even possible for the human body… but I would say 6 is a minimum for a big change.

did you go for the second and third and how was it?

ilipo doesn’t work. Dont waste your money. Invest that money in a gym membership. I have had many sessions with no results.

It would be good to get more detail on this, gyms cant do spot fat reduction as cardio burns from everywhere at once… I can see why going to the gym as well would be good for toning and included that as a note in the article. How many sessions did you have? Did they record your weight/inches as the same after all of them despite you eating healthily etc? Thanks.

If ur waistline is in the 30’s then id say ur not fat an the reason u see no results is cause there is no fat in there. Me personally im 5″11 and 280lbs. Im very curious about this but i dont wanna try it if the results r only a few cms. I got lots of extra fat an need to see some major inprovement. Especially in trouble spots. Btw not trying to insult anyone.

This was really helpful. Thanks so much.There are no many independent reviews on this method. I have lipedema (fat thighs) and no dieting or exercising can help. The only way is liposuction, which I’m terrified of. This seams like an alternative. I’ve bought 8 sessions on the groupon deal. I’ll try anything that doesn’t cut me open 🙂
Would be good to here how it all ended for you..

I have the same problem. How did it work after 8 sessions?

I only had 3! I think more is needed for a big change – I would go back again to get spot reduction on my love handles. I’m pretty slim and toned now with no fat on my arms etc anymore – but those handles are still there – genetics! So might be back for more to sort those pesky last CM 🙂

And??? How did the 8 sessions go? Immediate results? Long lasting results?

I only had 3! But it did help the stubborn bits and kick start my exercising. I am in much better shape overall now. Still need more on the love handles (thanks mum for giving me those!) no matter how much weight I loose they are still there. So I am looking at new deals for a bit more iLipo now.

Hi Ivy-Did you ever update the site with your results? I live in Mn and am looking at getting the 8sessions as they suggest-But it is 1,800-and that is 1/2 off-So, very interested in opinions. Thanks 🙂

Cindy, check out Groupon. There are a TON of offers on there for iLipo for clinic in MN. I just bought one, and have had one session so far… and have seen really great results, even after just one session. BTW- cost for 6 sessions was $299… far cry from $1,800! 🙂

I went back for my other two sessions – I will post up a review here of the other two soon – sorry been so hectic! 🙂

Hi, I had i lipo at Elements MediSpa in Doncaster, good value, lovely clinic. i did 30 mins fast walking after each session and got great results around my abdomen. I would recommend it, however like anything else you need to make long term lifestyle changes to maintain the results.

Absolutely, it doesnt remove fat, it empties the fat cells, if you eat pizza straight after, you can consider it undone… its a kick start to long term changes and an initial way to speed up reduction of a stubborn area 🙂

Hi, Im thinking of getting a current KGB deal of 3 sessions for £69 and after reading about your expeirience I think I’ll go for it. Your review has made me make my mind up 🙂 thanks

You need to try at least 4 sessions and continue to eat, workout and diet correctly for this to work. If you are looking for the miracle pill, then keep looking. I-Lipo is a great way to jump start any new exercise program or fine tune your problem areas which is what I needed. I noticed a change right away, seeing both my butt/thighs and waist shrink but I also continued to work out at the gym and do my hot yoga the whole time. I had a BMI done before and after t the gym resulting in a 1% drop of body fat. I-Lipo worked wonders on me and I am so glad I was able to try it through Groupon and Social Living since it is quite pricey.

Hi i had 4treatments for£69 with kjd deals, i have lost 4.5 inches from my belly .they now said i can have a other 4 for the same price .can’t wait to see the end result .

Glad it worked for you! Hope you are still keeping up the new healthy you 🙂

Hey, Sarah K. Here we are in 2012, a year later. You never really say if you were happy with your treatment. Is the jury still out? It is amazing to me that there isn’t more information available from people who’ve actually done it. I guess what I want to know is if this is a dependable good product that is worth the money. Can a doctor offer it in good faith?

Its something which lets you spot reduce stubborn bits of fat – but if you eat badly afterwards it will just come back… so its hard to understand long term change as it really depends on if you just go back to pizza or join a gym to keep the new trim you… I think I needed more sessions. But I think psychologically it helped me get fit and it did reduce my measurements a little. They recommend 8 so 3 is just too little! I will consider more treatments though if that helps ^_^

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the post. This is very useful. I just bought a Groupon for 6 sessions. I am just wondering if it has any side effects at all. Also, Can I return to work immediatley?

It had no side effects. The place I went had a little gym room and a rather posh shower so work ready straight after 🙂

The process was actually relaxing… I just had nice warm bits for a while and read a book or rested.

I am at the moment having 6 sessions of laser lipoIi can see a slight difference, my sister is also having the same treatment and she is also pleased. I think you do need at least 6 sessions, and we are thinking of having another 6 to get better results.ii have not exercised at i should and can still notice a difference, but do exercise as it makes sense.
By the way I am 54 and size 10 but stomach fat, tummy looks a bit firmer which is abonus. Sister is 55 and size 16 and is ready to sign up for another 6. We have both lost an inch but stomach looks flatter. Got the deal on groupon, but willing to pay full price next time.

Glad you are having good results 🙂

Hi Sarah,
I feel u in love with Pizza a lot..Everywhere u have mentioned about eating or not eating pizza and not any other junk food. 🙂 i am starting my i lipo sessions from tomorrow. iam from India…i hope i get good visible results.

Just a little, although I have been much better recently! More fruit, less pizza! 🙂

Thanks Sarah for all your comments in helping me to make my mind up. Just bought a deal of session for £79 through Nectar Daily Deals. I’ve kicked start my exercise programme & this will serve as a nice boost in preparation for my Christmas Caribbean holiday.

I am 38, 5’4 and 137lbs. According to all the traditional Lipo literature, I am an ideal candidate, in that I am reasonably in shape but still have defined stubborn areas. If I stand with my legs together and measure all the way around at the upper thigh point, I am bigger there by about an inch to an inch and a half than I am in my hips. It makes shopping a pain because I end up with the gaping waistband in the back if trousers are big enough for my thighs.

There was a deal for I-Lipo in our city recently and I bought 6 sessions, the first of which I had today. I did not rely on their measurements, I took my own at home before I went and again after I got back. It lined right up with theirs and I had come out an inch smaller overall in that upper thigh area measurement. I could feel that my trousers fit more loosely in that area as well.

It is not uncomfortable, though I did feel a little sick for a while and drank lots of water to help flush out all the newly released fat and toxins. The place I went doesn’t have a gym, they put you on a vibrating sort of machine that you stand up on and it shakes you to get your circulation going. I went to an outdoor shopping area and pushed my 45 pound three year old in his stroller for a brisk 30 minute walk after that as well. There was some continued tingling in the treated areas for several hours after the treatment but not uncomfortable.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend it.

Did you feel sick each time? I haven’t heard that before, the same with the tingling. Has anyone else reported that?

Do they just apply to your belly, or will they put them anywhere you ask? I would love to just have my knees done – you know, essentially the extension of your inner thigh that comes down just past your knee cap. I know I would feel a LOT more confident everywhere, which would lead me to be more active, if I could get those trimmed down some. They are one spot I’ve always struggled with since the first time I gained weight, no matter how hard I worked to lose it.

I know they offered arms, legs, bum (although not sure how easy those are attached lol), stomach etc. There might be rules about how near to joints or bone – just ask them and see.

Hi, I just purchased the i-lipo treatment through groupon in US for $199 (3-sessions). did you have a consultation first or did you just start with your first treatment? thanks

They did a consultation on the day. I had done research so knew I was a good candidate so it was fairly quick.

Is this a second grader trying to sound intelligent?? The use of the word “as” is overbearing, as it is used quite often! I can’t take this review seriously!

Second grader? There is no need for insults or snide comments. I am not any kind of professional writer and these are my personal experiences. There is the odd typo here ant here but I don’t feel my writing is any lower than average. The word ‘as’ is also not used very often, so that comment confuses me.

Sarah don’t listen to that dumb American … Jen you’re giving your fellow US citizens a bad rep!
Your review has been very useful and genuine. I think I will go ahead and purchase the livingsocial deal of 6 for £199 !
I will post my results once I have completed the course.

Just ignore her rude comment!

Sarah, iLipo does perform the job if you follow the guidance! Its not a surprise that you had a good experience! And it has so many extra benefits: much less swelling and bruising comparing to traditional laser lipo, no scars, no pain etc!

Actually i am at the 4th treatment and i can’t say my results are impressive till now.. but your post is so inspirational and give me courage to continue!

Thanks Sarah

I bought 3 Wowcher sessions and went for the first one today in Liverpool. I found the treatment itself was a little uncomfortable,in that I had 5 machines paddles on me, all emitting a sharp tap into my belly at the same time. Not painful and the 30 minutes flew by. I lost 1 inch from my natural waist and 1 3/4 inches from the belly bulge. My next session is Thursday so will advise if any further loss. I was advised to drink at least 2-3 litres still water and exercise for a good 30 minutes. Both done!

It just felt warm when I had mine, I wonder what the ‘tap’ feeling was? Glad it wasn’t painful though.

Are you sure you had i-lipo as they only make a 4 paddle and 8 paddle machine ? your treatment sounds like ultrasound laser lipo which feels like small electric shocks/sharp taps. I lipo uses only cold lasers so the only feeling you should get is a slight warmth and this is due to the plastic paddles being in contact with your skin and heating up.

Living social have a deal on right now and I’m considering buying 8 sessions for £99. Just need to check out the location because the telephone number doesn’t connect and reviews of the venue seem a little dodgy. From the research I’ve done on I lipo I believe in the technology, I just need to believe in the organisation that is promoting the offer. I’ll try and ring them directly on Monday. I’m based in the north east of England. I’ll update when I have news.

Aww just got a Groupon for 6 sessions and I’m excited!!! Hope it helps my mummy tummy. Thanks for posting about your experience as there doesn’t seem to be many reviews on the net.

Hi again. I had my first session of laser lipo yesterday and I hardly felt anything, just a slight tingling. A couple of hours after the treatment I started to get tummy pain and a lot of wind. Has anyone else experienced this? Its still quite uncomfortable but I’m hoping it means that the fat is on its way to being released and I’ll be slimmer soon. They said there was no point taking measurements straight after as it would take 3 or 4 treatments to see a difference however I measured myself this morning and I think I may be a little smaller :o)

Hi, I’ve just started on some iLipo sessions (through Groupon) and surprised that each only lasts 10 mins. Does anyone know how long a session should be?

Glad I found this and read your experiences. I came across a Groupon $189 for 4 sessions in my area, and I’m interested in trying it. I changed my eating and exercise habits, released over 30 pounds so far, but there are some trouble spots I want to go away. I’m training for a triathlon for next year, so eating healthy and working out to maintain won’t be an issue. Although, I do love pizza…LOL. I do have it every now and then, but not as often as I used to. Curious now that it has been over a year, if anything came back.

I have had only 1 session, and the laser paddles (that’s what the lady who worked with me called them) were uncomfortably hot for me. She had to CONSTANTLY reposition them – I mean NONSTOP! I am African American and maybe the pigmentation in my skin causes it to be more sensitive to heat. Did anyone else experience this?

I certainly didn’t have anything like that, and they didn’t reposition them at all… I will be honest it doesn’t sound that they were very professional… I hope you are ok?

Thanks, Sarah, for asking. Yes, I am OK. And I must say the lady was VERY professional and accommodating. I guess there’s just a difference among people in how much heat can be tolerated. After the first treatment, I could endure the heat for longer periods of time before having the paddles moved. But for each treatment, a significant amount of “paddle-moving” has been the norm. I have lost a couple of inches, by the way. 🙂

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