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Sign up to People Per Hour and get 20% off with this discount link:

I do a little CV writing for people here and there using People Per Hour website. I also use PPH to buy the odd service here and there from others. I have found it to be a good site for occasional freelance side work. I also find it’s good for finding local people who can do a small job for me. Happy to recommend it over the alternatives I have tried.

For buyers:

PPH lets you search sellers by skills, it lets you post up your job and have a range of people bid on the work so you can choose who to work with. You can limit those who bid on the job by country or other criteria as well if this helps. You can also search Hourlies – these are jobs you can just buy straight up with a deadline and requirements all set already. You can find an hourlie for say – your website banner graphic and see the price, what’s included, the deadline based on buying that day, talk to the seller, buy it and send over assets. Whatever way you buy; People Per Hour itself keeps the money until the work is completed. So nobody can run off with your cash.

20% off for you if you sign up to PeoplePerHour here it has a discount coupon built in:¬† and I also get a discount on my next fees too! Yay everyone! ūüôā


People Per Hour (PPH) lets you have a profile where you can state your hourly rate and skills. They let you bid for jobs and send proposals for jobs you like the look of. You can also have Hourlies – these are mini jobs people come to you for. So I have one for writing CV’s and people who go on the site and look for CV writing will see my hourlie and can buy it.

This means I get a steady little trickle of work with little effort from me coming through. I’ve done this a few years and it’s been a good little sideline.

PPH take a percentage of your income – it varies and those who earn more pay less % overall. The fees are all pretty clear so just think about what you want to take home for the work, add the % on top and check that you aren’t way cheaper or more expensive than other people doing similar things.

There are people doing the same work for much cheaper than me, but I do still get a steady little stream of work. If I promoted myself more I would do better. This is a site that isn’t just all about the cheapest wins. I am sure there is a fair amount of that too. But not always! Which means those wanting people to do the job can get a range of sellers bidding and sellers get a range of buyers buying.

I have had a mainly good experience on this site. I have also found that the support and help people are actually helpful on this site. I have phoned them up in the past and asked for help and they have done their best. They do seem to be trying to always improve the site, mixed results, but they have definitely listened to the users when we shout loud enough on the forums and they do always respond to emails as well. Most the new features have been good in the last year. And one we all hated was removed from the site due to huge amounts of user feedback against it in the forums. So this shows they do listen and they do actually care about their users. Being a smaller (although still pretty big) job site does seem to mean it’s more about the users and less a numbers game for them. Compared to my (brief) attempts to use Elance and a few others I would definitely say PeoplePerHour is seriously a better experience.

Either way. You get 20% discount off and I get a discount off my next invoice as well if you use this link:

Every penny helps!

Thank you!

I’ve mentioned HouseNetwork before. A friend sold with them. They were great. If you have time to show some people around your house, or want to do an ‘open day’ without paying a stupid amount to estate agents then HouseNetwork is a great one to try. They list your house/flat on all the usual search websites like zoopla/rightmove and so forth and their own as well.

They seem to just help where you need help, they answer calls and emails etc and based on when you are free they set up viewings, and you just hold the viewings. No giving keys to strangers, no huge commission, no people wandering your house unsupervised either. I have only heard good things, and as I helped my friends sell theirs and did some of their viewings I can say it was really easy and straightforward.

With code PSGVBDYWGA  you get a 5% discount on their usual rates. Just put it in the checkout at and save some extra cash!

Free listings here:

I have a friend who has set up a little etsy account to sell hand made items. It seems a much nicer place to sell this sort of thing than eBay. Normally they charge $0.20 (about 14p) for a listing (although each listing can sell many multiples of the item ad also variations) then a small percentage of the sale price for each one.

With this link however you get a massive 40 items listed for free – so you only pay if you sell an item!

It’s a great way to test out the service,

Etsy seems to be a really nice community, It’s a marketplace aimed at small independant makers and sellers creating their own unique items. It’s great for small businesses and individuals just looking to make a little money on the side from their art and crafts. People go to etsy to find¬†unique hand made local items and that’s what the sellers sell. It’s all hand made items and custom unique items. Whether you make clothes, toys, paint, make jewelry or other craft items etsy is a great place to sell your creations!

My friends have told me, and so far I agree, that etsy is much more friendly for small businesses and individuals that eBay. eBay does of course also offer a lot of free listings, but the buyers there want the cheapest bargains as fast as possible. etsy if more aimed at custom and craft makers and sellers not mass produced low quality items.

With this link you can give it a try selling up to 40 different items with their listings completely free – only pay a small percentage if you actually sell anything. Can’t say fairer than that!¬†

Good luck with your listings! ^_^

I recently was shown a TRX, it’s a suspension trainer. You will want to watch videos on how to use it online. You can stretches, easy exercises or really, really hard core strength training.

Here are two awesome videos on YouTube of women doing cool hard workouts that I really want to be able to do!

TRX fitness on Youtube:

I say TRX, that is a super expensive brand name which costs hundreds of pounds. You can get various other brands for super cheaper and Amazon has deals on right now as well to make them even cheaper:

See all TRX style trainers on Amazon

I bought this one:

Buy this one.

It’s under ¬£20, came with free delivery. Fits to my door frame and so far has been really good. I only weight about 8 and half stone. There are also military aimed ones and more expensive ones with more metal parts which might be a bit more robust as well. I am using it for stretches, for arm exercises to pull myself up, also for core (tough!) ab exercises and planks – you know the situps where you move your legs that are hard? Well like that but in plank bringing your legs to your chest… they are hardcore! The TRX style suspension trainer gave me something that felt stable and that felt like I could go at my own pace. It’s a cheap bit of kit that you can take anywhere if it has a door anchor. You can also tie it to trees, gym equipment, bars in the park… anything. I would never spend hundreds on a posh brand one, but for ¬£30-¬£30 it’s a great bit of kit and really gives a serious workout. I saw one video on YouTube where they showed 70 different exercises! 70!!! Well I can do about 7, but that is still 7 more than before so is a win for me.

Between this new shiny toy TRX trainer and continuing to play my dancing games I will be fit in no time at all! Here is a Link to TRX trainers on Amazon ordered by cheapest first or here are some which also look like pretty top picks:

Cheapest first, at £17 up to way more expensive at the end for the posh brand name retractable metal ones:
Cheap one, see more

Cheap one, more info

£25 Рmore info

£27 Рmore info

£35 Рbuy this one

£40 Рbuy this one on amazon

Retractable military one for £78!

Super posh brand for nearly £200!

£230! But it looks like a posh one

Now personally, I am super happy with mine, which was cheap. You might want one of the posher ones, but I think the cheaper end is perfectly fine for anyone under 10 stone in weight just doing normal exercise or wanting it to take around on holiday and when out and about.

Big Crumbs is now earning members cashback on ebay purchases again! So you can sign up for free here, and start earning on ebay purchases, something most other cashback sites can’t offer!

This means that whenever you use their link to go to ebay you will earn 1% back in cash, which BigCrumbs pay back to you via paypal every month, no minimum earnings either, you get every penny/cent back the next month.

They say:

“Cash Back is paid on Winning Bid or “Buy It Now” transactions. Cash Back is not available within the following categories: eBay Motors (excluding Parts & Accessories), or any form of Real Estate.

You must click through to eBay just prior to placing a winning bid or executing a Buy It Now transaction. Simply clicking through to make a payment is NOT sufficient for credit.

Excludes $.01 (one penny) purchases and all purchases for which the seller’s fee exceeds the purchase amount.”

Got all that? Now start earning free cashback!!!!

I’ve used Big Crumbs for many years now, I used to use it for ebay all the time, then when they stopped their deal with ebay for cashback I found myself leaning towards other sites such as, FatCheese or Quidco etc as they covered sites I was using. However they seem to have realised that everyone was there for eBay cashback deals, especially at 1% as that really ads up over the year… so they have now brought it back and also upped the cashback on their other sites as well. I would definitely recommend BigCrumbs as the money back really does add up and I have had payments from them on time every time I had cashback earnt. I wish I had spotted this sooner as I have just finished all my eBay Xmas shopping! But nevermind, maybe it’s in time for some of you guys to get buying with 1% back. I will certainly be using it all the time again now the eBay cash back has returned. I think Big Crumbs is the only one to do cashback on eBay… so enjoy it while it is there!

Big Crumbs is a very easy to use cash back website which lets you earn your 1% free money back on eBay but also on other great sites such as Groupon (4.2%), Avon (3.6%), AutoTrader (9%), Clarins (4.8%) and many hundreds more.

I know this is a bit specific… but our shower broke recently and we had to replace the super old and rubbish mixer (and pretty much everything else).

I looked all over the web at new mixer controls and was amazed to find this shop called iBath on Amazon who sell a really good and nice looking thermostatic (which means it prevents scalding – something our old one didn’t!) shower control in chrome, of the right size and shape. It looks and works just like one which costs over ¬£150-¬£400 but it was… wait for it… ¬£60! Sixty! Thats less than half price of the cheapest competitor and an even bigger saving than if I had bought it from Bath Store (in their sale), Victoria Plum (even in their sale) or even B&Q!

chrome mixer shower control save money save money on amazon chrome shower 1 way

It was delivered pretty quickly, the plumber said it was of good quality and had normal fittings, and it works well. It’s been in place for weeks now and I am still really happy and do a little happy dance each time I use the shower from not only having a working non-scalding shower, but from knowing I saved a fortune!

It’s a pretty standard looking modern shower 1 way mixer and controller. The valves and internal bits were all solid metal and pretty heavy. The controls turn smoothly and are still nice and shiny.

I am guessing iBath is a manufacturer as this was so much cheaper than a normal retailer.

Anyway – bit random – but a good deal! It’s amazing how these little things bring so much joy when you know you saved money on them lol


So I really, really wanted to get back into exercise games again and I wanted to get back into the Dancing Stage games. And for that I wanted a metal dance board as the plastic ones slip about all over the shop. I found a pad on ebay for cheap, but I needed a courier to deliver the item to me as it was right the other side of London and would cost a fortune to post.


I found this site on Shiply on Google and wanted to write a bit of a review about my experience. They let you put in the details of the ebay item, or the ebay item number if you want to pull in the details automatically. Then couriers can bid for the work. I had 32 bids within a day to pick an item up from the other side of London (literally as far as possible one end to the other) and they ranged from £65 down to £30 to do it within a week.

I was able to email the couriers with questions before accepting their bid or not, I could see what kind of van they had and I could also read all their feedback from past jobs.

I picked a quote on the low end, but not the lowest as the super cheapest had bad feedback or no feedback, but someone who was pretty cheap and had over 97% good feedback for his work. He had a proper van as well which was good. He also said he could do the delivery Saturday (yesterday) which was great.

I accepted the quote, paid a secure deposit for part of the cost and put in the details for pick up and delivery. He was pretty fast to respond the emails. He didn’t tell the seller the time he was going to pick up until the day before (I promote him to call them and he did), but he did pickup and deliver on the day he said he would. He was polite and nice and put the item in my hallway.

I then gave him the rest of the fee in cash.

It was pretty simple. So much easier than trying to get large items posted. And it meant I could buy my dance pad from much further away than if I had needed to get a friend to drive me. This meant I got it way cheaper so even including the delivery fee it was much cheaper for me.

As with anything – Shiply is one of those site’s where you have to read feedback and check people out. I’m not sure how vetted and checked people are, just like ebay sellers. It really is Ebay for courier delivery. The cheapest might not be the best courier. I had a really good experience so far with it. I have just used it the once, but I will definitely use it again.

If you want to check it out and see if you can save money on getting your ebay items delivered by courier the site is here: Shiply

If you have used the site and have any more feedback on it please comment below.


It’s been aaaaaaages since I had time to post things. So much has happened. My lovely sister and two of my best friends have new babies and I have been too distracted with that to write! But I will try to start again now!

So a bit belated… but HAPPY 2014 everyone!

You should never be afraid to phone up your providers and politely talk to them about anywhere you can make savings. Most people stay with their broadband or mobile phone contract even though they could get a better deal.

I phone up my broadband, TV, home phone and mobile suppliers about once a year. Sometimes it makes no difference, but on many occasions I have managed to get a better deal. From a few pounds off, to faster or better services or something extra free with my current deal.

Here is what to do: You know all the general post you get from your current provider with deals for new customers? Virgin Media, BT, Sky etc all do wide scale postal campaigns we normally put in the bin. However if you read them you can use them as leverage to get yourself a good deal. Also check their online offers to see if the normal prices or service has improved since you joined them.

What you can’t do: Get NEW customer short terms deals – these include half price, free something for so many months etc.

What you can do: Look at the ‘normal’ post offer prices on those deals. Often they will be a bit cheaper or include better broadband speed or inclusive minutes etc for the same or a bit less than you pay now. Phone up your provider and ask to talk to them about what you receive and if you can get the same (post-offer) price as everyone else. I found out I was paying ¬£2 more a month than customers getting 3x the internet speed than me the other month. I spoke to them on the phone and explained it wasn’t a promotional price but the normal price for 3x the internet speed was less than my current bill and I wanted them to match it. Otherwise it would be better for me to leave and join another provider. Don’t threaten this as an option, just imply you have looked at offers and deals and looking at their current prices what you pay now is not really a good deal. More often than not they will increase your speed so you are getting the best deal you can for your money.

Why do this rather than move provider?: As well as the hassle aspect (especially with phone lines and broadband lined needing installing) it can be cheaper to get your current provider to just update your deal rather than move to someone else. Many installations have hidden costs for set top boxes, installation services, routers etc and if you already have everything set up it can just be a case of them changing your allowance on their computers and not needing to do anything to the hardware.

Price matching: At the end of a contract, like your provider but someone else does a better deal? Check if they price match – have the details of the other offer to hand and sometimes they can match it when you renew your contract. This works especially well for mobile phone contracts. You can use it to get your monthly costs down or try to get a new handset for free.

Never hurts to ask: They can say no. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Many companies have departments for people thinking of leaving and just talking to them will get them to offer you something. And even a few quid off your bill a month is a good thing.

Can’t get a better deal and need to switch providers?: You can often trigger a good deal by talking to them. Enquire online or by phone and often you will trigger a marketing campaign to be sent which offers people who almost bought a little extra off.

Use cashback companies: Find the deal you want, then check if the website is connected to any cashback sites. Often they offer high amounts for joining a phone or broadband deal via their links with a cashback lump sum or percentage of the cost returned to you. Some sites pay the money in cash, others give you vouchers for sites such as Amazon. Either way, if you were going to buy it anyway, it’s free money which can’t be bad!

Some useful cashback sites I have had good experiences with:

cashback site fatchees gives most cashback on purchases and online shopping
Big Crumbs - cashback on purchases

Right, first post in a little while but happy to be back online!

New year, new exercise routine. I wanted something not too high impact and fun I could do for a bit every day just to keep me going and keep me moving. I played quite a few dance and exercise games and things last year by borrowing a Kinect and had a great time. They have gone down a lot in price and I managed to get a second hand one off the lovely internet as a Xmas treat and have been loving it ever since.

Dance Central lets you play songs of your choice and copy the dance moves on screen. They range from really easy, to quite hard and each song has a few difficulty levels so you can boogie at novice or expert levels. The games have a real range of songs from different eras and genres so there is quite a lot of variety. The menus and controls are pretty easy and there is not much to learn to use the game. The songs all have breakdowns so if you want to learn individual moves before playing the song for real you can. I tend to just muddle through though – as long as I am jumping about it is all good anyway.

I’m only playing for about 15 minutes – 30 minutes a day, and it isn’t like aerobics or high impact exercise, but it is still exercise. Some songs have a bit of jumping about and they all have a wide range of movement. I still feel better after playing and because it’s a game it keeps me interested as I might not pass a song or only get 4 out of 5 stars and want to do it again to get it right – so it keeps me motivated without thinking about it in an exercise kind of way. The second and third games calculate your calories, it’s just an estimate but it is still good to get an idea. I feel better, and after a few months I look better as well. Which is all the counts.

There are now 3 games. I have all 3 second hand from Amazon and between them there are loads of tunes to choose from. One of the great things about the Dance Central games is that for a little more money (with the Microsoft points you can buy online here: ) and the codes on the back on the booklets you can load the songs from the first and second games into the third one – which means you can play every song without having to change disks at all. Which is great! They also sell packs of more songs online for not too much – so you can further expand the games with new tracks as they release any you like.

You need an Xbox with Kinect to play the games. Everything you need can be bought on Amazon second hand:

Dance Central from £5.73

Dance Central 2 from £10.49

Dance Central 3 from £21

XBox 360 from £70

Kinect from £44

Microsoft Points from £6

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